America Magazine återvinner James Martin SJ artikel från 2006

James Martin SJ reflekterar över Judas utifrån Judasevangeliet

”Last month’s bombshell release of the Gospel of Judas had some Christians wondering if the familiar story of Good Friday needed some updating. The fragmentary text, probably dating from the second or third century, depicts Jesus asking Judas to betray him. In doing so, Jesus says that Judas, a close friend, will exceed the other apostles. That explanation, to put it mildly, is not the traditional one. The leather-bound manuscript, discovered in the Egyptian desert in the 1970’s, seems authentic. Written in Coptic on both sides of 13 sheets of crumbling papyrus, the document was made public by the National Geographic Society in conjunction with a television program and a new book on the provenance and significance of the text. [See the article in this issue by Pheme Perkins for a detailed analysis of the document.]

But will the Gospel of Judas change Christian understanding of Judas’s role in the passion narratives?

Probably not.”

James Martin SJ avslutar sin reflexion med orden : ”Svaret på frågan som plågat kristna i 2000 år kvarstår. Varför gjorde Judas det ? Antagligen därför att Judas – som de flesta av oss – ville göra Gud till sin egen avbild istället för tvärtom.”

// Irène