Om det är någon vars omdöme om tingens katolska ordning jag litar på så är det Jaime L. Manson. Hennes kommentar av Franciskus personval av de kvinnor som ska ingå i hans nya kommission som ska utreda frågan om kvinnligt diakonat ökar onekligen frustrationen hur Franciskus tänker. Varför har Franciskus inte valt någon kvinna från ”periferin ”  som han i vanliga fall brukar anse är så viktigt att uppmärksamma ? Varför bara kvinnor från Europa eller USA ? 

”Yet the pope chose no one from ”the peripheries,” those places in our world to which he is always imploring us to go”

Vill Franciskus ha kvinnliga diakoner ?

”This new commission seems poised to find consensus — that women are not entitled to serve as deacons. The brief sketches of the members offered by NCR’s Joshua McElwee and Crux’s John Allen suggest that few of them have done academic work on the history of deacons and that none of them have expressed the belief that women ever served in a diaconate that was equal to men in the early church.”

”By selecting these members for the commission, Francis has effectively killed the possibility of any real progress for women in the church. Given how long women have been asked to wait in faith and in hope to have the dignity of their work acknowledged and elevated, this turn of events is nothing short of cruel.”

Jag noterar särskilt Jamie L. Mansons slutreplik

”Yes, the coronavirus is devastating. But misogyny and clergy sex abuse are pandemics, too. And they will continue to rage long after we have a vaccine for COVID-19. For those of us marginalized by these sicknesses inside the institutional church, the suffering of Holy Week did not give way to the hope of Easter. Instead, it left us asking, ”Will the real Pope Francis please stand up?””

// Irène

PS  Ja coronaviruset är förödande men även kvinnohat och prästers sexuella övergrepp.