A letter from Sweden to Helmut Schüller

Dear  Helmut Schüller

As a ”cradle catholic ” in Sweden  I think I have come to the final conclusion why women can not be ordained as priests  in the catholic church.  Canon law  c. 1024  says  ”A baptized male alone receives sacred ordination validly”.

”A woman, therefore, may go through all the external motions of a sacramental ordination, but the sacrament will still be invalid.  If the canon law 1024 were simply an ecclesiastical law, that was written and promulgated by human church authority, it can be changed. If, however, it has its origins in divine/natural law, there is no authority on earth that may alter it.”  (Church says.)

I think this is much  easier  to understand if  one  takes  into  consideration  what  could happen  if  man could be able  to change  divine / natural laws ?

What keeps us from floating off into space?  The answer is another divine /natural law.

The law of gravity.

Canon law 1024 and the  law of gravity are 2  divine / natural laws of equal importance for human beings.

Without gravity, none of the stars or planets would maintain their forms. Without gravity we would all float off into space……..

Therefore no authority on earth can alter divine /natural law.

So we all have to be grateful that the pope can not  change canon law 1024.

Or would you like float off into outer space ………..?

Kindest regards from

Irène Nordgren in Sweden

PS  Joking apart.

You have asked a very important question on your blog

”Was halten Rede- und Veranstaltungsverbot erteilende Bischöfe eigentlich von den Gläubigen? Diese Frage ist noch viel brisanter.”

The catholic bishops  ? What are their conception of  laypeople   ?  Seriously – my experiance   is that catholic bishops regard laypeople  as children – not come of age – who don’t yet know what is best for them.

Catholic laypeople in Sweden for instance are considered  unable to  take responsibility of what is appropriate for them to read or to whom it is  inappropriate  to listen.   ”The catholic tipping point”  is not suitible for the catholic  children in Sweden – nicht jugendfrei ……


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