Philomena Lee (right) with Francis (Photo by: Philomena Lee Project)

Philomena Lee, kvinnan som inspirerade Stephen Frears till hans Oscarsbelönade film Philomena gav igår en presskonferens i Rom sedan hon haft ett möte med påve Franciskus. När Philomena var tonåring blev hon gravid och skickad till ett kloster och tvingad att adoptera bort sin son.

”In a statement given after Wednesday’s General Audience in the Vatican, she said she felt “honoured” and “delighted” to have met Pope Francis. She said she no longer felt bitterness towards the Catholic Church: “After such a long time — Anthony would be 62 this year — so how could I go through a whole of life holding a grudge?””

Philomena Lee and her daughter Jane Libberton

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”On February 19, 2013, the Taoiseach of Ireland, Enda Kenny, issued an official state apology to survivors of the Magdalene Laundries after a decade-long campaign by advocacy organizations such as Justice for Magdalenes, including taking a case before the UN, and based upon on the findings of a report prepared by Senator Martin McAleese. Declaring the Laundries “the nation’s shame,” Kenny outlined a plan to compensate those who had been wronged by the institutions and begin a restorative justice process.”

// Irène

PS  Gå och se den fantastiska filmen med den helt fantastiska Judi Dench i rollen som Philomena !