Catherine of Siena College – Tina Beattie ger en 6 -veckors kurs online om ”Sexual and reproductive health and rights ”

”Catherine of Siena College was established in 2007 by an international group of theologians with the aim of offering online courses to support those working for gender justice around the world. As the founders recognized, facilitating the full contribution and leadership of women is not only crucial for the wellbeing of women. It is also vital for the flourishing of men, children, societies, nations, and religious communities. In 2015, Catherine of Siena College became part of the portfolio of the University of Roehampton as an independent charitable trust which is managed by the University”

The college takes its name from the fourteenth century Christian mystic, Catherine of Siena. Born in Italy in 1347, she defied the conventions of her day through her theological writing and political activism. She wrote letters to bishops and popes urging an end to ecclesial schism, and her ”Dialogue” is considered one of the most impressive theological writings of her time. Read more about Catherine of Siena here.”


// Irène

PS Kursen borde vara obligatorisk på alla katolska prästseminarier. I Stockholms katolska Stift promotas bara företrädare som vill undervisa om Kroppens Teologi som utformats av den Helige Johannes Paulus II. Alltså samma helgon som i decennier mörkade prästers sexuella övergrepp inom katolska kyrkan…….

När jag anbefaller kursen även för diakoner så tänker jag speciellt på ordföranden i Katolska Utskottet för Äktenskap och Familj KUÄF i Stockholms Katolska Stift – diakon Göran Fäldt.