Brev från We Are Church till Synoden 2 april 2024

Brev till Synoden – kardinal Mario Grech

”We Are Church International calls for the following steps representing concrete signs of synodality to be endorsed by the Synod in October 2024:

1. Shared decision making with equal numbers of laity and clerics at all Synods, Assemblies and Councils.

2. Opening all Ministries to women and to married persons, regardless of their sexual orientation.

3. Appointment of bishops to be overseen by committees of lay and clerics.

4. Unity in Diversity allowing countries to deal with their respective important concerns such as the ones mentioned in 1. – 3. above in accordance with their culture and the legitimate concerns of the believers in these countries

5. Draw up a Church Constitution setting out the rights and responsibilities of all the people of God and a new governance structure. ” WICR have prepared a very good draft:

Colm Holmes, Chair We are Church International 
Email: Phone: +353 86606 3636

Dr Martha Heizer, Vice-Chair We are Church International
Email: Phone: +43 650 4168500

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// Irène

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