Protester mot Franciskus utnämning av biskop Barros i Chile, som utpekats ha mörkat  pedofilbrott som begåtts av hans tidigare mentor och superior  fader Fernando Karadima – en av Chiles tidigare mest inflytelserika och respekterade präster.

“Barros has been tapped by Pope Francis to become bishop of a southern Chilean diocese this month, provoking an unprecedented outcry by abuse victims and Catholic faithful who contend he covered up sexual abuse committed by his mentor and superior, the Rev. Fernando Karadima, in the 1980s and ’90s. A Vatican investigation found Karadima guilty in 2011 and sentenced the now 84-year-old priest to a cloistered life of ‘penitence and prayer’ for what is Chile’s highest-profile case of abuse by a priest.”

Se proteststormen mot biskop Barros  på BBC i samband med att Barros skulle vigas till biskop i katedralen i Osorno när  biskopsmitran slits av ……..

Biskop Juan Barros utnämndes till biskop av Franciskus i januari

Före skandalen var Fernando Karadima en av Chiles mest inflytelserika och respekterade präster.

”Juan Barros was a protege of Father Karadima, who spent decades training young men to enter the priesthood, and regularly celebrated Mass at a well-known church in Santiago. In February 2011, the Vatican found Father Karadima, then 81, guilty of sexually abusing children. The Vatican ordered him to a life of ”penitence and prayer” in a monastery in Santiago.”

// Irène