Trots att det finns 10 gånger fler ordenssystrar än ordensbröder i världen så saknar ordenssystrar rösträtt vid biskopssynoder.   Ordenssytrar talar idag i Rom – bla sr Madelaine Fredell OP  ”Are there limits to speaking with parrhesia?”

”Many times in the history of Christianity, religious sisters stood at the frontiers of change. As prophets and pioneers, atuned to the movements of the Holy Spirit, they have discovered new horizons of our faith in changing times. In October 2019 another Bishops’ Synod will gather in Rome to discern the future of the Catholic Church in Amazonia. Yet women religious who outnumber brothers almost 10 to 1 globally and whose female superiors have the same canonical status as brother superiors, do not have the right to vote at these Synods. This must change if we want to see equality in the leadership of our Church”

// Irène

PS NCR okt 2014